This Guy's Services

Bring your vehicle to This Guy's Truck and Auto Repair for preventative maintenance, New York State inspection and repairs.

Our recommended preventative
maintenance services include:

o    Oil change, lube, and filtermechanic under car

o    Tire rotation

o    Brake and transmission

o    fluid replacement

o    Clean fuel injector

o    Air filter inspection and

o    Transmission inspection

o    Radiator inspection and service

o    Fan and belt inspection and

o    Vehicle Inspection

o    Tune-up

o    Air conditioning service

o    Battery inspection

o    Factory scheduled maintenance

Leave the repairs to Us:

o    Brakes

o    Engine

o    Transmission

o    Electrical systems

o    Steering and suspension

o    Heating and cooling

o    Alternators, starters, and

o    Cooling system repair (A/C)

o    Water pumps

o    Fuel pumps and lines repair